Monday, January 4, 2010

MA Senate Update: Data Rising

Scott Brown continues to hammer away at Coakley and Capitol Hill business-as-usual with the release of a new ad. His campaign continues to hit upon Coakley's avoidance of a one-on-one debate with him.

Brown has also snagged an endorsement from Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling. Schilling writes:
Our Government is dead set on passing health care legislation the people have made clear we don’t want. Hell they don’t even know what it contains but they’re sure as hell going to try and pass it anyway.

The kickbacks, the corruption, the lying, the phoniness of it all, it’s sickening and only getting worse. The numbers are now beyond comprehension, and there is no one, in office right now, that is giving a hint of those numbers getting smaller or being reduced, it’s just not going to happen, but we can change that.

If this state does the right thing, and elects Scott Brown, it will, in addition to being a comeback/upset of 2004 proportions, put a screeching halt to the Democratic parties fast tracking this country into an abyss.

What Government run/funded program in this countries history has ever been run with an ounce of financial responsibility, prudence, or with the peoples best interest at the forefront? None, that’s which one.

Scott is EXACTLY what this state and this country needs right now.

He’s for SMALLER government, stopping the concentration of power in one political party, a strong military and vigorous homeland defense as well as, and probably most appropriate and meaningful right now, giving all Americans Health Care BUT NOT by creating a new Government insurance Program.

This state can literally change the Nation in one day, think about that and then go vote for Scott Brown and make it happen.

Rasmussen will be polling the Brown-Coakley race tonight; if the results are close, Public Policy Polling intends to run a poll over the weekend (the link also has some interesting electoral speculation). Whether this polling will be good or bad news for Brown's chances remains to be seen.

While John Fund speculates on the race, Jim Geraghty keeps from falling into despair.

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