Tuesday, September 14, 2010

An Opening in Connecticut

Quinnipiac has a new poll of the Connecticut Senate race up, and it has some good news for Republicans: Linda McMahon lags behind Democratic nominee Richard Blumenthal by only 6 points, 45-51. Blumenthal's lead has been shrinking over the past few months.

The numbers show an opportunity for McMahon:
Blumenthal leads 87 - 10 percent among Democrats and gets 47 percent of independent voters to McMahon's 46 percent. McMahon leads 91 - 9 percent among Republicans. Women back Blumenthal 56 - 41 percent, while men split 47 - 48 percent.

Among those backing McMahon, 42 percent say their vote is mainly against Blumenthal, while 53 percent say they mainly are pro-McMahon. Blumenthal backers are 22 percent anti- McMahon and 73 percent pro-Blumenthal.
If McMahon can emphasize independents' alienation from the Obama administration, she could potentially peel off enough to win in Connecticut. McMahon has plenty of money to spend on this race, and you can be sure she'll keep spending it if the race looks this close.


  1. If crowd response is any indication of how this race will go then McMahon is in better shape then these polls show. At one of the largest Labor Day parades in CT. (Newtown) The two loudest receptions (and both positive) were for Jodi Rell and Linda McMahon. When Blumenthal walked by the only ones screaming and yelling were the ones holding his signs walking next to him in the parade. Vets seated to our right were yelling things I will not write here because I think the comment would get removed. I'll just saying the more docile ones resorted to only booing him. I think this race will turn out closer than anyone anticipates.

  2. Is it just me or does Blumenthal appear weak and whiney while Linda McMahon is strong and forceful ?

  3. It would be nice if instead of only calling out Blumenthal on his characteristic Vietnam lie, coverage would focus on his destructive official acts and voting record. Higher taxes! Bigger gov'mint! Bullying business for political headlines! Arrogant elitist entitlement attitude, no indication that he even conceives public service as public trust. In short, just another greasy, professional Democrat pol, out for what he can get at our expense. Throw him out!