Thursday, June 13, 2013

Some Immigration Links for a Thursday

Mickey Kaus is skeptical about Senator Cornyn's RESULTS amendment, as is Conn Carroll.  Carroll also has some doubts about Democratic objections to RESULTS.

Senator Durbin says that the Gang of Eight de-links citizenship and border security.  Senator Graham disputes this.

The Grassley amendment to put enforcement before legalization is stopped in the Senate, 57-43.  Most Republicans voted in favor of this amendment; most Democrats voted against it.  The only exceptions: Gang of Eight Republicans voted against it (McCain, Rubio, Flake, and Graham) along Lisa Murkowski (AK), and Democrats Joe Manchin and Mark Pryor voted in favor of it.

Congressman Paul Ryan says he will "debate" anyone who calls the Senate immigration bill an "amnesty."

Ann Coulter is not happy with the Gang of Eight bill.

Could some GOP senators be waiting to stampede for or against the bill?  National Journal says so: "According to some Senate watchers, as many as 20 Republican Senators are eying each other, not wanting to be first out of the gate but willing to join a bloc of their own party if the bill is moving toward final passage with broad support."  Key question: which Senate watchers?

Economic Policy Institute:"the main problem in the labor market is a broad-based lack of demand for workers—and not, as is often claimed, available workers lacking the skills needed for the sectors with job openings."

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  1. Hi Mr. Bauer, I agree that the Cornyn amendment is useless, but I am hoping that its inevitable defeat (the Grassley amendment was defeated 57-43, including 52 Democrats voting No, so the Cornyn amendment will likely be defeated 52-48) will serve as a "last straw" and strengthen opposition to the Gang of Eight bill. Do you think there is any hope of this?