Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Romney Challenges Obama's Priorities

Hot Air draws attention to a potentially effective line of attack that Romney's been trotting out: with the economy in turmoil, why did Obama not focus on that instead of pushing through transformational "change"?
What makes this attack bruising, of course, is not only that it ties Obama’s two biggest political liabilities together, it blows a hole in the idea that he’s some centrist pragmatist who’s working around the clock to generate jobs for the unemployed. On the contrary: When faced with the biggest economic crisis in decades, he passed a stimulus and then spent the better part of a year obsessing over the mega-boondoggle atop his Great Society II wishlist. It makes him look grossly negligent on the key issue of the election, in service to a program that a huge chunk of the public hates and which may end up being cashiered by the Supreme Court before the month is out.

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