Monday, June 4, 2012

More Breakage

Over at Hot Air, Mike Rathbone further develops the conservative argument that the era Too Big to Fail---made worse in many ways by the Obama administration---should end.  He also suggests the political advantages accruing to Romney if he makes this argument:
If he announces (at the Convention wouldn’t be bad, I’m only afraid Obama would beat him to the punch) that he intends to break up the big banks, he would do a lot to dispel the notion that he is a tool of Wall Street. It’s an issue that would put him to the “left” so to speak of Obama. A lot of liberals, who would never vote for Romney, would further be disgusted with Obama if he fought against this and maybe sit out for November. A lot of tea-party types would be for it because they’re sick of bailouts and too-big to fail. If Obama agreed with Romney, it wouldn’t change the fact that the economy is in rough shape and that Obama had a full term to push for this, but he’s failed to deliver. Either way, Romney comes out on top.

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