Thursday, March 29, 2012

Reform Continues March in LA

The Louisiana State Senate's Education Committee has unanimously approved HB974, which radically weakens local control of schools in the name of undercutting teacher tenure.  It remains to be seen how many Senate Democrats will support this measure---though this vote may be a sign of Democratic willingness to allow for a far-reaching reorganization of schools in Louisiana.

Some Louisiana conservatives are raising questions about the lack of deliberation that has gone into this bill and expressing concerns about the centralizing tendencies of this measure.  Who knows if these concerns will be heard or addressed.

A source in the Louisiana legislature tells me that the issues of local control raised in HB974 and HB976 do not even seem to be on the radar of most Senate Republicans (in his/her opinion).  Perhaps this issue will be on the radar before the Senate votes in favor of it; grassroots pressure might still change things.

But, unless it does, the education package supported by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal and his allies in the "reform" community looks to be heading in the direction of passage.

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