Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

Ed Morrissey casts doubt on the hope of an anti-"establishment" TRUE CONSERVATIVE hero to leap in and change the direction of the GOP primary race:
Even if a candidate were to jump in at this late date, it would have to be one who could reliably raise money fast, organize effectively, have good name recognition, be well prepared on policy, and survive the kind of intense vetting that has derailed Cain, Rick Perry, Bachmann, and has deflated Gingrich’s bubble. That’s a recipe for an establishment candidate, not an outsider. We should stop fantasizing about white knights riding to the rescue and focus on the choices we have in front of us now.
Of course, by many contemporary "purist" standards, Ronald Reagan would be demeaned as part of the "establishment" in 1980.


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