Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Losing It?

A Diageo/Hotline poll (as noted by Hot Air) shows Obama's approval rating dropping nine points from June to July---from 65% to 56%. His disapproval rating has climbed to 38%. Only 42% of those polled would vote to reelect President Obama; 39% would vote for someone else (this number jumped nine points from June). His support number from independents have fallen over 15 points in a month; now only 48% of independents approve of his performance. I don't know if pushing through a partisan health-care plan is exactly going to woo those independents over to Obama...Karl has some more thoughts on the Obama administration's psychology of passing a health-care bill. In any case, these falling number may provide even more incentive for the administration to try to get a quick vote on a health-care reform bill.

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