Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Still Trying to Avoid the Nuclear Option

In NRO today, I explore using Senate Rule XIX to work around a filibuster in order to confirm Gorsuch without using the nuclear option.


  1. Dear Fred,

    Read your article at National Review. I guess my thought is that I have witnessed actual old fashioned filibustering here in Nebraska, via the auspices of one Ernie Chambers. I have little doubt that Schummer et al, are quite capable of the same theatre. So even if you were to limit them to "2 speeches per day per subject" I can easily imagine the Senate tied up unnecessarily for about 3 months. In the end comity is about the people who should possess it not the process that should enforce it. There is and will be little to no comity in the Senate when what divides us is so significant. If today we were forced as occurred with the Constitutional Convention of 1787, to write a constitution that defined our common goals and beliefs; we wouldn't be able to do it because we have neither in common.

  2. I don't understand why you mainstream conservative pundits are so obsessed with the "traditions" and the "standards" of it all when the Democrats have already shown they could not care less about any of it. You insist upon holding the GOP to Marquess of Queensbury standards when the Democrats prove again and again that they like to roll by the standards of Alex and his gang from A Clockwork Orange. The filibuster is effectively ALREADY dead, for all judicial nominations, including SCOTUS, as the Democrats have already said so as soon as they are back in control with one of their own in the White House; indeed, it is silly that McConnell and the GOP are pretending otherwise, bending over backwards to indulge a current Democratic minority that fully expected Hillary Clinton to be naming the next Justice and are still in shock. All of this republican tradition talk doesn't mean anything with today's Left. It's time to smell the coffee and accept this, proper respected conservative punditry class.