Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Battle over Heritage

While many in the media are focusing on the personal views of one of the authors of the Heritage report on the Gang of Eight bill, David Frum wonders why the evidence of this report is not gathering nearly as much media attention:
Sorry, no. If you agree with the Heritage study - and so far I have not heard any good reason to doubt it - the results are so important and explosive that the coauthor's other views dwindle into a mere footnote to history. It's not some personal quirk of Jason Richwine's that has caused him to doubt that the legalized immigrants will rapidly raise their skill levels or education standards. 
Some in the media could also perhaps bear to spend a little more time analyzing the various provisions of the bill itself---rather than the biographies of its critics.

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  1. I thought Senator Mike Lee was on my side (I'm a 3, in Kaus's terminology) but I was wrong. It looks like he's trying to EXPAND the guest worker program. Meanwhile, Senator Maize Hirono's amendment to consider family values during deportation proceedings passed. If I understand it correctly, the Hirono amendment gives the executive branch an amazing excuse to suspend deportations -- they must stop deporting someone if it would harm his or her family. So: Republicans seem to like guest worker schemes and the bill is getting worse, not better. Bad news all around.