Monday, November 12, 2012

Not Just Romney

Some on the right are arguing that Romney's loss last week was due to his weakness as a candidate or his purported moderation.  That argument would need to address the fact, however, that, in fourteen out of eighteen hard-fought Senate races, the Republican candidate ended up performing worse than or equal to Romney in that state.  In some states (such as Missouri, Indiana, and Montana), the Republican performed more than eight points worse than Romney.  So Romney in many places performed better than other Republicans in key match-ups.

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  1. In Missouri and Indiana, of course, the GOP put up totally idiotic candidates. I think that the big problem for Romney was something that was not his fault. When racial solidarity among African-Americans is so extreme that they refuse to vote for a white person with an African-American opponent (no matter how execrable that African-American's record is), and they constitute well over 10% of the electorate, neither Romney nor anyone else had a chance. If African-Americans had only given the normal 85% or so that they give to Democrats to Obama, Mitt Romney would be preparing to move into the White House. But they voted 93% for Obama, only a little less than the 95% they gave him 4 years ago, and that was an impossible obstacle to overcome.