Saturday, August 18, 2012

Education Left Behind

A new report has come out on employment by educational level.  A lot of interesting data.  Some of the key points:
  • New jobs were created for the holders of college degrees during the technical recession, and these jobs have increased over the "recovery."
  • About the same number of jobs exist for those with some college but without a four-year degree.
  • Nearly 6 million jobs for those with a high school education or less have been lost since 2007; some of those losses occurred during the "recovery."
  • The unemployment rate for new high school graduates is 24%.
  • Earnings of those with a BA were nearly twice those of high school graduates.

See Kay Steiger for an interesting chart from this report.

It looks like in the Obama economy, many have still been left behind---especially those without a college degree.

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