Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kerry Rides Again

It is perhaps a sign of how truly worried Massachusetts Democrats are when they're even calling upon John Kerry to do a fund-raising pitch, and his main target is the 10th district, where Republican Jeff Perry faces off against Democrat Bill Keating. This fund-raising letter is currently circulating. (The letter was passed along to me by the Perry campaign, and its authenticity was confirmed by Kerry's office.)


Over the weekend we learned that shadowy rightwing groups are trying to defeat Barney Frank and Jim McGovern, but make no mistake -- the assault is strongest in the tightest race in Massachusetts: Democrat Bill Keating's push to keep this open House seat Democratic.

Control over the House could come down to a single seat -- and I know that after you've worked so hard to turn our country around, you don't want to see Massachusetts elect the Republican who makes John Boehner the Speaker of the House. We know what a Republican House will mean: gridlock and extremism, and a return to Busheconomics. Don't take my word for it, John Boehner already said, "We won't be any different than what we've been."

That's not what Massachusetts needs. Click here to contribute to Bill's campaign and make sure he has the resources to fight.

Bill Keating will make a great Congressman, while the Boston Globe said about his opponent - the Tea Party's Jeff Perry - that the "questions about Perry are too significant to ignore," while the Cape Cod Times said about him, "the repeated lapses in truthfulness are too serious a breach of trust to support his candidacy in this race." This is as clear a choice as it gets.


John Kerry
You'll notice how Kerry links Perry to the "Tea Party," perhaps hoping to further incite prospective donors. You'll also notice how this letter is much more an attack upon Perry and Republicans in Congress than an endorsement of Keating or a defense of Democratic policies. This focus on personal attacks and allegations should be no surprise---that's pretty much Keating's campaign strategy.

This letter probably isn't the worst news for Sean Bielat, Marty Lamb, or Jeff Perry. Who knows? It might even help them raise some money.

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