Monday, May 24, 2010

Dino Rossi seems like he's going to run against Patty Murray for a Senate seat in Washington, offering the possibility of another Republican pick-up. Murray's a long-term incumbent, however, and she may have a deep base of popular support.

SurveyUSA puts her approval rating at 47-46, not exactly great territory for an incumbent. The numbers also show that independents disapprove of her 50-43. Again, those aren't great numbers, but they aren't the sign of a radically alienated electorate. Even 26% of Republicans approve of her performance.

Rossi's going to need to stress the idea of himself as a credible, common-sense candidate (hardly a stretch for a guy who came within a few votes of becoming governor). Independents are open to being swayed away from the Murray bandwagon, but Rossi will need to make that case.

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